Which two continents feature 90% of the world’s rural population?

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  • North America and South America
  • Australia and Africa
  • Africa and Asia
  • Asia and North America

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And, the answer for the the question is :

Africa and Asia


[STC0033] The ratio of people living in urban regions to those living in rural areas is quite even; around 46% of the world’s population resides in rural areas.

However, the population on each continent is not dispersed in a manner that is uniform.

You might be surprised to find out that the vast majority — 90 percent — of the world’s rural population lives on just two continents: Africa and Asia.

This could make a little more sense when you take into account the fact that both China and India, the countries with the largest populations in the world, are located in Asia.

There are over 3.

4 billion people living in rural areas around the globe, with China and India accounting for nearly 1.

5 billion of those people.

Although the percentage of people living in urban areas is rapidly expanding in both Africa and Asia, other continents are still far more urbanized.

Even though rural America makes up 97 percent of the overall geographical area of the United States, only around 19 percent of the country’s citizens call rural counties their home.

This is the case despite the fact that rural America is where most of the country’s land is located.

According to the research published by the United Nations, it is anticipated that as much as 68 percent of the world’s population would reside in urban areas by the year 2050.