Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?

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  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Côte d’Ivoire and Ireland
  • Haiti and Liechtenstein
  • Sweden and Norway

The Answer:

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Haiti and Liechtenstein


[STC0057] There are only 195 nations in the globe, so it could appear as though it would be simple for everyone to design a fully distinct flag.

However, there are more than a few flags that are difficult to differentiate from one another.

The flags of Chad and Romania are very similar with the exception of some subtle differences in coloring.

The flags of Indonesia and Monaco are virtually identical with the exception of the length and color of the red stripes on each flag.

However, at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, both Haiti and Liechtenstein found out that their flags were actually identical to one another.

The civil flag of Haiti was flown, which differed from the national flag in that it did not have the coat of arms that can be seen in the middle of the national flag.

This coat of arms was used only for military and government activities.

It was only a coincidence that the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein chose to adopt the identical red-and-blue striped pattern in 1921.

The next year, they decided to incorporate a golden crown as a symbol of their prince and to clear up any potential misunderstandings in the years to come.