Which two countries share Iguazu Falls?

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  • Argentina and Brazil
  • Portugal and Spain
  • Chile and Paraguay
  • Namibia and South Africa

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Argentina and Brazil


[STC00929] Iguazu Falls in South America is nearly twice as tall as Niagara Falls and three times as wide, making it one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world. This spectacular natural wonder, which is the world’s largest waterfall, is located on the joint territory of Argentina and Brazil. Formed from a volcanic eruption and consisting of 270 individual falls, its name means ‘great waters.’ The largest fall — ‘Garganta del Diablo’ or Devil’s Throat — drops a whopping 262 feet into the canyon below. The succession of waterfalls creates an upper and lower part for the Iguazu River, with the upper Iguazu River being navigable by rowboat and enabling visitors to view wildlife on the delta and even get closer to the world’s largest waterfall. The lower Iguazu River cannot be navigated by rowboat.