Which U.S. city hosts an annual Jell-O food fight?

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  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Amarillo, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado

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Salt Lake City, Utah


[STC001186] As the city that consumes the most Jell-O per capita in the world, it’s no surprise that Salt Lake City has an entire festival dedicated to the jiggly dessert. In point of fact, that celebration is known as Jigglefest, and it takes place every summer at the Thanksgiving Point outdoor park. Some of the activities that are hosted during this festival are cookoffs, racing through sprinklers, and inflatable competitions. The major event is a gigantic Jell-O food fight, which is, of course, the most exciting part. Children, accompanied by their parents, race towards pools containing more than 800 gallons of Jell-O in an effort to be the first to grab a handful of the gelatinous treats and throw them at one another. You are strongly encouraged to bring your swimming gear with you, including goggles. This may be so that you can run through the sprinklers to clean yourself off after the Jell-O-mageddon.