Which U.S. state’s official soft drink is called “Moxie”?




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  • Missouri
  • California
  • Maine
  • Wyoming

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You’re probably familiar with the concept of a state’s emblematic animal and flower; however, were you aware that the majority of states also designate an official beverage? Moxie, Maine’s favorite soda, has a long and interesting history, and it’s what sets the state apart when it comes to beverages. Moxie was one of the first sodas to ever be manufactured on a large scale and was created in 1884 by a local resident of Maine. The fizzy drink has its followers and detractors, largely owing to its quirky taste described as everything from ‘chalky root beer’ to ‘black licorice medicine water.’ In spite of this, Moxie continues to be a popular drink in the area; in fact, in 2005, it was designated as the official state beverage of Maine.

Which U.S. state`s official soft drink is called `Moxie`?
When it comes to unique and unusual state symbols, few can match the official soft drink of Maine: Moxie. This distinctly flavored beverage has been a beloved and iconic part of Maine’s culture and history for over a century, and is celebrated by Mainers and visitors alike as a symbol of the state’s independent spirit and quirky charm.

Moxie was invented in 1876 by a Maine native named Dr. Augustin Thompson, who claimed that the drink had medicinal properties and could cure a variety of ailments. The beverage quickly gained a following, and by the early 20th century, it had become a popular and ubiquitous part of Maine’s culture and identity.

The flavor of Moxie is difficult to describe, with some likening it to root beer or licorice, and others describing it as an acquired taste. Despite its unique flavor, however, Moxie has remained a beloved and iconic part of Maine’s culture, and is celebrated by Mainers as a symbol of their state’s independent and adventurous spirit.

In 2005, Moxie was officially recognized as the state’s official soft drink, joining other state symbols such as the Maine Coon cat and the white pine tree. The designation was a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural significance of the beverage, and a tribute to its place in Maine’s history and identity.

Moxie remains a beloved and iconic part of Maine’s culture, with fans and enthusiasts from around the world seeking outthe distinctive beverage and its unique flavor. The drink has inspired a range of merchandise and memorabilia, from t-shirts and hats to vintage bottles and advertisements.

however, Moxie faces a number of challenges and controversies. Some have criticized the drink’s high sugar content and its marketing as a health tonic, while others have questioned its place as a state symbol in an era of growing health consciousness.

Nevertheless, Moxie remains an important and beloved part of Maine’s culture and heritage, and a symbol of the state’s independent and adventurous spirit. It is a reminder of the power of unique and unusual cultural symbols to unite and inspire people, and of the enduring impact of small inventions and innovations on our lives and our history.

Whether you’re a fan of unique and unusual soft drinks, a lover of Maine’s culture and history, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind travel experience, Moxie and the state of Maine are sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul. So raise a glass of Moxie, celebrate the spirit of Maine, and experience the magic and wonder of this remarkable beverage and the state that loves it.