Which U.S. states make up the Four Corners?

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  • Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah
  • Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming
  • Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
  • Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

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Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah


[STC002189] Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico are the four states that make up the Four Corners region, which is located in the southwestern United States of the United States. The monument is located at the only location in the country where four distinct states meet at the same point, and it marks the intersection of those states. Despite its relatively remote location among Navajo and Ute reservation land, the Four Corners is quite popular — where else can people be in four places at once? If you go there, you should try to put either a hand or a foot in each state after crossing the border lines. Aside from its uniqueness, the region is home to some of the most stunningly gorgeous desert landscapes in the United States. People go there not only to see the attraction but also to go trekking and look at the scenery.