Who broke Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974?


Here is the question : WHO BROKE BABE RUTH’S HOME RUN RECORD IN 1974?


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  • Hank Aaron
  • Barry Bonds
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Willie Mays

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The time that Babe Ruth served as the “Sultan of Swat” saw him make history. The Great Bambino set a record-breaking 714 home runs during his career, which stood until Hank Aaron broke it in 1974. There is little doubt that Ruth loved setting new records. The legendary Babe blasted a record-breaking 54 home runs in 1920 alone. To put that into perspective, the year’s second-best home run hitter knocked 19 balls out of the park.

Who broke Babe Ruth`s home run record in 1974?