Why is Portugal’s second-tallest mountain unusual?




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  • It has no trees
  • It’s fully accessible by car
  • It’s in the middle of a town
  • It is oddly-shaped

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It’s fully accessible by car


The peak of Torre, the country’s second-tallest mountain and the country’s highest point in mainland Portugal, is accessible by car. The N339 road winds its way up to the peak, where tourists may get breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, ski resorts, lakes, and cliffs. At the peak, you’ll discover a radar tower, a gift shop, a chapel, and a nice hotel.

Why is Portugal’s second-tallest mountain unusual?
Portugal is a country known for its stunning natural beauty, including its mountains and peaks. One of the most unusual of these peaks is the country’s second-tallest mountain, which is fully accessible by car. This accessibility makes it a unique destination for those who want to experience the beauty of Portugal’s mountains without having to hike to the summit.

The mountain in question is called Serra da Estrela, which translates to “Star Mountain” in English. It is located in the central part of Portugal and is part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, which is the largest protected area in the country. The mountain is 1,993 meters (6,539 feet) tall, making it the second-tallest peak in Portugal after Mount Pico in the Azores.

What makes Serra da Estrela unusual is the fact that it is fully accessible by car. Visitors can drive all the way to the summit of the mountain, where they will find a parking lot and a small chapel. From there, they can take in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside, including the rolling hills, forests, and streams that make up this beautiful part of Portugal.

While the accessibility of Serra da Estrela by car may make it an easy destination for some, it is also important to note that there are still plenty of opportunities for hiking and outdoor recreation in the area. The Serra da Estrela Natural Park offers a variety of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes that take visitors deep into the heart of the mountain range. There are also opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, when the mountain is covered in snow.

Serra da Estrela is also home to a variety of cultural and historical attractions. The nearby town of Covilhã, for example, is known for its historic architecture and for its connections to the wool industry, which has been an important part of the region’s economy for centuries.

Serra da Estrela is an unusual mountain in Portugal because it is fully accessible by car. While this may make it an easy destination for some, it is still a beautiful and unique part of Portugal’s natural landscape, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. Whether you hike to the summit or simply drive to the top, Serra da Estrela is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Portugal.